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Spooky Hollow starring Grimmy and Company!

Spooky Hollow the book ( illustrated children's book for ages 7-10 )  will be coming soon! Follow Grimmy and the gang on a Halloween adventure.
Updates will be posted on when and where the book can be purchased. 
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  Once upon a time in a land not so far away, as close as your backyard some people say lives a little group of creatures you might call scary. Some are tall and some may bite. Some are small a terrible fright! You might even find a creature of the night but if you catch a glimpse do not follow! For these are the spooks of Spooky Hollow! ♥

by Carmen Ellis


  Spooky Hollow is a magical place filled with monsters and goblins, ghosts and ghouls. In my Spooky Hollow world they are tiny little monsters. They come out at night with the full intention of scaring people to DEATH. They fail every time. I create my monsters in clay, paintings and illustrations. Spooky Hollow monsters are to be loved by adults and children alike. My goal with my art is to make my buyers smile or even laugh out loud at the sight of them. My art is not just about Halloween. I love to create art for all holidays. There are some examples of other holiday art in the slide show at the top of the page and in my photo gallery.

my work. 

Spooky Hollow Folk art has been featured in Celebrate 365 Magazine, Baby Talk magazine , Childstyle magazine, A Haunted Path magazine, The book a Cornish Litany, Indy's Child and Prims fall and Spring issues!


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Some of the characters in the illustration above are,

Grimmy Reaper my most popular little guy. 

Bites the vampire

Boo Boo the ghost

Skelly the skeleton

Other characters not pictured are,

Ooky the green monster

Edgar worm head


Salem the black cat and other spooks and ghouls!




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